Val Keil


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
You should know that
I love making homemade things
A freaky wish
To learn pole dancing
My style
Cowboy boots and torn-up jeans
There's an air of destiny about August 2013 Playmate Val Keil. In her hometown of Philadelphia she's known as a beautiful bartender who loves her customers and doesn't take any grief. But she always wondered if there was something more for her. "You know what?" she said to herself. "This is my life, and I get one chance at it." So she had some photographs taken and sent them to Playboy. Just two hours later, she heard back. "I thought it was a scam," she says with a laugh. It wasn't. Soon she was on a flight to Los Angeles for a test shoot, and now you're looking at our August 2013 Playmate. What should you know about Val? She loves country music, Phillies games and long road trips "with all the windows down and my hair blowing." She's half German and half Hispanic—"though a lot of people say I look Italian," she says. She also dreams of acting in film someday. Given her classic beauty, we created the ultimate fantasy for her—that of a star of the silver screen during die golden age of Hollywood, the apotheosis of glamour and deca­dence. Turn the page and you'll find our black-and-white photographic paean to old-school cinema. Most of all, you'll notice Val, playing die heroine with dignity and aplomb. "I think it's awesome that people across the world will be looking at me naked," she says. "Doors are opening for me. This year is going to be so full of experiences. My mind is blown." Whoa! So is ours.