Valeria Lakhina


Stakhanov, Ukraine
Good morning
I try to begin my mornings with good music. I especially like waking my friends with some cheerful songs when they stay at my house for the night. Anything from jazz to rap, Michael Jackson to Rammstein.
Siren call
I feel sexiest when I’m seaside. With freckles, a suntan and droplets of salt in my hair. And also, when I’m dancing.
Easy does it
I’m not a fan of smoky eyes, red lipstick and complicated hairstyles. Jeans, a T-shirt, high-heels, a little face oil, and I feel great!
Ukraine-born and Moscow-based, our July Playmate hails from a place known for its unforgiving winters. Her gently lilting accent and Slavic-royalty looks are dead giveaways, but there's nothing harsh about Valeria Lakhina, or Lera, as her friends call her. The exuberant redhead is a ray of sunshine, perhaps why she looks so at home in her sultry pictorial, shot on the coast of Setúbal, just south of Lisbon. Lera's bright disposition that inspires her to see the best in people, a trait that sometimes puts her at a disadvantage. She was recently pickpocketed by an sweet elderly woman, after making courteous conversation with her on the street. Clearly, this Playmate errs on the side of kindness.Asked to describe herself, Lera offers, “Happy, thankful, a little bit crazy and trusting. Maybe too trusting sometimes!” She cherishes her optimistic outlook, along with her freckles and readiness to try new things, which currently include forays into acting and producing.

Lera started modeling – almost by accident – at the age of 22. “Typical story. I was waitressing and got ‘discovered,’” she says, laughing sheepishly. Prior to that, she completed degrees in her two other passions: children’s education and psychology. The former teacher still works with kids whenever she can. Off-hours, her idea of a good time is simplicity itself. “I’m not a party girl. Maybe a few years ago, I would have said going out. But now, I just like talking to people – friends in the world of psychology, from my camera crew, yoga teachers. I love having long conversations about human nature.” When it comes to love, she values honesty above all else. “I also get turned on by the mind and sense of humor in a man.” Last but certainly not least, the globetrotting model (who often travels with her twin sister, Vlada) adores surprises. “Anything! The smallest surprise. Just to know a guy is thinking about me."

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