Verity Miller


Charleston, West Virginia
Quick learner:
My major is perfect for me. I’m studying all the different fields I need to master—fashion merchandising, public relations, advertising and strategic social media—in order to build my dream career.
Outside class:
I’m very social. I love to meet new people and spend time with friends and my boyfriend. I also travel, model and work out a lot.
Post-college plans:
My goal is to start my own clothing line that helps women feel strong and sexy. I want to promote the idea that the human body is nothing to fear or to hide. Every single body is beautiful!
Ask the vivacious Verity Miller what she's studying in school and she can give you the short answer, which is a major in Multidisciplinary Studies, or the intriguing answer: fashion merchandising, public relations, advertising and strategic social media. A student at West Virginia University and member of the class of 2021, Verity's ambition is to create and design a clothing line as inclusive and empowering as it is as stylish—and probably sexy. Speaking of which, when it comes to sexiness, her definition is "a strong woman who is confident and loves her body and herself." What would she say to someone who doubts an intelligent, college-educated woman would also want to pose for Playboy? "Not to think so shallowly. Intelligence makes you even sexier. If an intelligent, educated woman shows strength and power, that's sexy. That's Playboy.

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