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Rachel Bloom


  • Eye ColorHazel Eyes
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • Birthdate04/03/87
  • HometownLos Angeles, California

About Rachel Bloom

If you know Rachel Bloom after watching her on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, then you know her acting and her writing. And her humor. As creator, writer, and lead actor on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel’s won a Golden Globe and a Critic’s Choice Award.

You have to check out the “explicit” versions of her songs from the show, which are posted exclusively on her YouTube channel. They have titles like “Feeling Kinda Naughty” and “Settle for Me.” She still posts them regularly.

“Bloom’s brand of comedy is one part raunch, one part Jewish neurosis, and another part inversion of musical theater’s often saccharine sensibility—as she describes it, ‘doing the genre so hard that you’re parodying the genre,’” Time magazine wrote in 2015.

Rachel’s no stranger to scandalous spoof songs. The first one that went big was “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury,” which she wrote (and which went viral) shortly after she graduated from acting school, when she was looking to launch her stand-up career in 2010. In it, she professes her love for the then-90-year-old sci-fi author of Fahrenheit 451.

“This was a private venture,” Rachel told at the time. “I came across this song on an old Word document on my comp, and I was like, ‘Oh, I should record this and make a music video.’ I produced this whole thing pretty much on my own. I think being an only child really helped me with stuff like this.”

She’s released two albums: “Please Love Me” (a “compilation of old/new hits,” according to her site, and “Suck it, Christmas!!!” (“a Chanukah album”).

“I guess in the back of my head, I think, If you’re not being groundbreaking, then what are you doing?” she told The New York Times. “If you’re not being ballsy and honest and vulgar, then what are you doing?”

She’s no stranger to goofy TV, either. She’s made occasional appearances on BoJack Horseman, Robot Chicken, and How I Met Your Mother.

Rachel is married to comedian Dan Gregor, who was a writer for How I Met Your Mother.