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Miss November 2015

Rachel Harris


  • Eye ColorBlue Eyes
  • Hair ColorBlondes
  • Birthdate06/24/91
  • HometownPasadena, CA
  • TitlesMiss November 2015
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About Rachel Harris

Miss November 2015 is Rachel Harris. The blue-eyed, blonde-hair beauty is a native of Los Angeles. Perhaps it was growing up in one of the most artistically driven cities in America that led her towards a career in arts.

Before appearing in Playboy, Rachel began pursuing a career as an artist. She attended the California College of the Arts and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, two of the most respected art schools in America. After graduating, she opened her first solo art show where she sold 16 abstract works of art. She was only 23 at the time. She says, “Art has always been a way for me to be in my element and to challenge myself emotionally and physically. In my work you can see sensuality next to silence, young versus deep-rooted, sharp alongside soft.”

At the art show, Rachel met Heidi Cortez, who became her friend and manager. Through Heidi, she met a Playboy photographer who proposed she pose for the iconic magazine. Although Rachel didn’t have much modeling experience, she accepted the opportunity and became a Playmate. Some people might find it unusual for an artist to go from behind the canvas to in front of the camera, but Rachel sees it as a natural extension of her art. She says, “I’ve been told selling yourself with your art degrades it, but I strongly disagree. The art world is constantly inspired by the female form. Playboy is giving me the opportunity to be represented as a public artist.”

Rachel continues to work on her art in her downtown loft that she helped convert into a studio. She bought the loft because, “I get so involved in my work, sweating and crawling on the floor, that such a space is necessary. I like getting dirty.” We approve of that diligent work ethic.

Her ambition is “to be recognized as an artist and a personality, challenging the face behind the work.” She says she wants to be a “personality artist,” which means “letting the world into herself as well as her work.” Clearly posing for Playboy will help share herself with her work. After all, there’s no more intimate art canvas than the human body.