Mauricio Graiki

Civil Liberties

A Look at How Abortion Rights Have Diminished Under Trump

On March 8, 1911, the first International Women’s Day was held in countries across Europe that were agitating for suffrage. It became a rallying point against World War I, and some historians even believe it ultimately became the catalyst for the Russian Revolution. When women gather amazing shit can happen. Since then, March 8 is marked by women gathering in communities of all sizes around the world.

But women’s empowerment means different things for women around the world owing to country of origin, cultural norms and forms of government.

For some women in Ireland, it may be the promise of the upcoming vote on whether to abolish the constitutional ban on abortion. Yes, abortion is still illegal in Ireland owing to its Catholic history, but the Church’s antiquated beliefs on women’s bodies are finally being put to the ballot.

For women in sub-Saharan Africa, it may be the right to own land. On paper, women in Uganda are afforded property rights. But in Uganda, the constitution isn’t worth much in actual practice. Widows are most at risk since after a husband dies, the widow is often chased off what should be her property by the dead husband’s family.

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