Michael Kraus


More Studies Add to Hormonal Birth Control's Bad Rap

For those of you who aren’t quite audacious enough to adopt Bella Thorne’s all-natural approach to birth control (read: skipping it altogether), you’ll want to pay close attention to a new study that found a link between low-dose hormonal contraceptives and a slightly increased chance of developing breast cancer, which clashes with a general belief among researchers that these birth control methods would actually eliminate said risks. A team of researchers from Denmark spent an 11-year-period observing 1.8 million women from ages 15 to 49, comparing changes in a group who took hormonal contraceptives to those experienced by subjects who used non-hormonal methods such as condoms, copper intrauterine devices or diaphragms. The study was also able to detect how the women were impacted by the patch, hormonal IUDs, contraceptive implants and the vaginal ring.

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