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Meet AprilFoolChild, Who Is Making the Right Kind of Noise With Her Soulful Music

When Brielle, a.k.a. AprilFoolChild, performed at Playboy Social Club Palm Springs during Coachella, she made quite an impression on her fellow partygoers—but she’s used to that. She says, “I come out and I sing, and then I pull my flute out, and they’re like, ‘OK, a flute.’ And then we’re twerking, and they’re like, ‘What’s going on?’ I like to get people lost in the moment.”

AprilFoolChild just released a new song called “Hear Me” and it’s about to become the soundtrack of your summer—or, at the very least, hold a coveted spot on your summertime playlist. The song, which she describes as “an alternative, kind of soulful, house single” was produced by Trigo Fare with Walk Talkin’ Records. “They did ‘American Boy’ for Estelle and Kanye West, and they played with the Black Eyed Peas,” she tells Playboy.

Brielle spoke to us following her single drop from London, where she is doing press, performing a few shows and shooting music videos to accompany her forthcoming two-part EP, which, she reveals, she’ll "be putting out the first half of it this summer or fall and then the second half of it closer to the wintertime. We’ve just been shooting a lot of visuals for it, because all the music is done.”

When I first started getting serious about music, I was so broke, I couldn’t afford business cards. I was like, What can I do so people will remember me?

One of AprilFoolChild’s biggest hits so far is “Mangos,” which was released a few years ago. She says, “That song happened organically when I first came to California. My roommate at the time was into trap music. He was like, ‘I have this beat. I made it for you. Do you want to record something on it?’ I wrote the song in like five minutes and recorded it. We didn’t promote it, market it, or anything. We just put it out. I think when you do things organically, sometimes you get the best response.”

She didn’t have a budget, so she directed and choreographed the sensual music video herself. AprilFoolChild describes herself as “one big goofball,” and says, “When I first started getting serious about music, I was so broke, I couldn’t afford business cards. I was like, ‘What can I do so people will remember me?’ People have always called me a fool child, because I’m from Philly and I was born on April 1, so I kind of went with it.”

She has also given herself another nickname and hashtag—#flutebae. When she started out as a singer, she was looking for a way to set herself apart. She had played the flute when she was younger, so returning to it was a natural choice. “I still loved the flute and I still knew how to play, so I started playing again. I started incorporating it into all my music and my live shows. I’m really glad I did, because it’s something a little different. You know it’s me when you hear it.”

When she switches from her sultry croon to playing the flute mid-song, AprilFoolChild makes it seem like the sexiest musical instrument out there. She says, “In all of your favorite songs, there’s flute, but people don’t ever realize that. It’s such a popular instrument that is not, like, visually popular. To be able to do that and make it cool, and give it a different feel, I love it.”

She’s also willing to give credit where credit is due. “One of my inspirations is Ron Burgundy from Anchorman,” she says, emphasizing that she is serious, and that she hopes to one day meet Will Ferrell’s character and share a “#flutebae moment” with him. This summer, she’s focused on finalizing the AprilFoolChild EP. She says, “We’ve been doing so much promo for this record and getting everything lined up to drop.” In the meantime, fans can expect a music video for “Hear Me” in the next two weeks. “There’s more coming your way, so be on the lookout," she says. 

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