Oh My Goddess: How 'A Wrinkle in Time' Is Reimagining Black Magic

The first time I realized witches were real and in the black community was in church. The daughter of a deacon and church clerk, I grew up understanding that church was important and anything outside of the principles of Christianity needed conversion. Oddly enough, I remember getting my hair braided as a child and my mother routinely cleaning out the comb and brush, flushing the hair down the toilet. She’d teach me the ritual she learned from her own mother who said if you didn’t flush or burn your dead hair, those who practiced witchcraft could put a root (curse) on you. Spirits—outside of the Holy Spirit that everyone seemly caught in unison on Sundays—were discussed quietly and quickly and only when something unfortunate had occurred. Despite my wanting to attend the fictional Hogwarts, the thought of witches and witchcraft in my community made me uneasy.

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