Playboy Fiction: Artemis

Playboy Fiction: 'Artemis'

Suit up for this exclusive excerpt from the new novel by the author of 'The Martian'

Playboy Fiction

Playboy Fiction: Artemis

Artemis looks exactly like old sci-fi books said a Moon city should look: a bunch of domes. It’s made of five huge spheres called “bubbles.” Armstrong Bubble sucks. It’s a damn shame such an awesome guy got such a shitty part of town named after him.The grinding thrum of industrial equipment oozed from the walls as I guided Trigger along the old corridors. Even though the heavy manufacturing plants were 15 floors away, the sound still carried. I pulled up to the Life Support Center and parked just outside the heavy door.

Life Support is one of the few places in Artemis that have genuine security protocols. You don’t want just anyone wandering in. The door had a panel you could wave your Gizmo over, but of course I wasn’t on the approved list. From there I had to wait.

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