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Review: 'Marshall' Offers a Slick Take on America's Messy Racial Past

Come February, Chadwick Boseman will be front and center in theaters in Black Panther, but right now he’s real-world superhero Thurgood Marshall in this glossy, crowd-pleasing biopic. Marshall depicts the 33-year-old trial lawyer, who would go on to become the first African American justice of the Supreme Court, as he defends another African American, chauffeur Joseph Spell (Sterling K. Brown of This Is Us), against the rape and attempted murder charges of his employer’s wife in 1940. Amid a climate of pervasive racism, the ugly and potentially lethal accusations were brought by Eleanor Strubing (Kate Hudson), a lily-white socialite who attempted to throw Spell under the proverbial bus in a bid to make herself look clean and shiny in society’s eyes.

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