Inside the Playboy Club New York: Head Chef Tabitha Yeh on the Sexiness of Simplicity

The allure of the kitchen is almost folkloric. There's a magic that takes place there, whether in a home or restaurant, and not just because of the mystique we often attach to food. It's the heart and soul. It's only natural that a true chef possess both in hefty measures. Chef Tabitha Yeh doesn't just get particularly vibrant when discussing and describing the cuisine she creates. You get the sense the kitchen is her genuine happy place, and the state of mind is contagious. Now as the Head Chef for the Playboy Club New York, she intends to invite that sense of euphoria out of the kitchen and onto the tables. She's also heading up the only restaurant in New York to offer olive-fed wagyu miyazaki steak. We're not hesitating to RSVP yes. 

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