Inside the Playboy Club New York: Master Tailor Irene Juhasz Puts the Bespoke in Bunny

There is no garment on earth like the Bunny costume, quite literally speaking. What originated as a modified swimsuit, the invention of Hugh Hefner, it’s complex, classic and the only uniform that’s been trademarked by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (don’t be fooled by tawdry knockoffs!). So it’s only logical the suit, originally created by trailblazing African-American fashion designer Zelda Wynn Valdes, would require another true original maven to perfect 30 brand-new costumes for the Bunnies of the new Playboy Club New York. These Bunnies aren't just wearing a classic uniform. They’re propelling a 65-year-old-and-counting fantasy. 

Enter Irene Juhasz, a certified master tailor with decades of experience who can sew just about anything from scratch. We got to speak with the unassuming expert, while she tailored each suit to the respective Bunnies’ precise measurements, about the power of clothing and the immense potency of the women who wear her creations.

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