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'The Snowman,' Hotly Anticipated, Will Leave You Cold

There’s a baffling mystery at the center of this bleak, frosty crime thriller directed by Tomas Alfredson (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) and based on Norwegian crime novelist Jo Nesbø’s seventh installment in a series of best-selling books centered around caustic, troubled, chain-smoking, alcoholic detective Harry Hole. The premise is tantalizing: Why is a psychopath going around killing attractive young mothers and leaving behind snowmen at the crime scenes? If the big-screen version of The Snowman were anywhere near as gripping as Nesbø’s page-turner, then that premise should be more than sufficient to power an expensive serial-killer nail-biter, especially one directed by a smart, stylish maestro, executive produced by Martin Scorsese (who originally wanted to direct it) and populated by such highly capable actors as Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, James D’Arcy, Chloe Sevigny, JK Simmons, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Val Kilmer.

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