The Straight Man's Guide to Backdoor Basics

Butt stuff is already a taboo subject, steeped in stigma, and often met with negative reactions much like if you claimed black jelly beans as your favorite. What? Gross. That’s weird. The prospect of anal play for him is even more taboo. Brought back into the zeitgeist with shows like Broad City, the fine art of male anal pleasure has certainly sparked conversations around the nature of male sexuality. Let’s get this out of the way before we get in deeper (ahem). Just because you like anal play, it does not make you gay. How you enjoy pleasure does not define your sexual orientation. Our culture still suffers from homophobia, so admitting to enjoying an act that is commonly associated with gay men can lead to shame or stigmatization. The anus is the great equalizer as everyone has one, and it is a hot bed of nerve endings that result in it being an oft-overlooked erogenous zone. Everyone of any orientation can enjoy anal play. For those who want to break through the stigma and revel in the pleasure, read on, fellow sexual explorer.

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