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Sharna Burgess


  • Eye ColorHazel Eyes
  • Hair ColorRedheads
  • Birthdate06/21/85
  • HometownNew South Wales, Australia

About Sharna Burgess

Sharna Burgess started dancing at a single-digit age. She let her smooth moves carry her from childhood competitions in Australia to professional dancing in London and then later on Broadway in New York.

As a repeat part of the Dancing with the Stars troupe, Sharna has become familiar in households around the country and has had a long list of successful and notable pairings, including with comedian Andy Dick and one-time NFL player Keyshawn Johnson. Oh, and Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys.

“It really was surreal seeing Nick Carter stand in front of me,” Sharna told Glamour. “Never in a million years would I have thought that my 13-year-old crush would be a real person, and I get to have a real conversation with him and admit that I had posters of him! And then dance with him!”

Speaking of dancing – this pro pulls her inspiration from all different parts of life and loves “being a storyteller.” “I get inspired by everything that I see,” she told Glamour. “First and foremost, it’s from the person standing in front of me and what their story is. I sit with my headphones on and play the song over and over and over again, and I visualize different things. I never see steps. I see shapes and movement and scenes and the way it breathes, and I feel how it makes me feel.”

When it comes to men and dancing, “It’s so sexy when a guy walks onto a dance floor with confidence,” Sharna told Playboy. “You don’t need to have the best moves or be in the middle of a break-dance circle to impress a woman. As long as you get out there and own it, girls will fall in love.”

What’s up next for Sharna? One line on her bio at hints that she won’t be limiting performing to the dancing variety: “Sharna has plans to explore her talents in acting and on-camera hosting gigs.”