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  • Eye ColorBrown Eyes
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • Birthdate02/06/93
  • HometownLexington, Kentucky

About Tinashe

Tinashe calls YouTube her “teacher.” The songstress has been compared to Janet Jackson and Aaliyah, but she’s earned her chops the Generation Z way.

She started with mixtapes recorded in her bedroom studio—some of which got plenty of attention—and moved into alt-R&B, hip hop, and club tracks promoted by major record labels. Her sound is all her own, she says. Catchy, hot and hard-partying. Or, to use the one-word answer she told a fan on Twitter shortly after her album “Aquarius” came out, it sounds like “sex.”

“I don’t see myself as an urban niche act,” she told Billboard. “I want to have mainstream success that doesn’t feel forced or label-made.”

“Wildfire/Flames rising/Hit me like a bullet/Finger on the trigger, pull it, pull it/Wildfire, burn baby/Burn for me,” she sings on “Wildfire.” She’s recorded tracks with rappers including A$AP Rocky, Chris Brown, and Young Thug.

Before she went solo, Tinashe was part of girl group The Stunners, which released a few LPs and opened for a Justin Bieber tour. Before that (in fact, starting at age three), she was a dancer, model, and actress. In 2004, she appeared alongside Tom Hanks in the movie The Polar Express. This girl certainly knows how to hustle. And it doesn’t end with performances. Tinashe also has a black belt in Taekwondo.

She still sometimes records from her bedroom studio, where it all started, and lives at home with her family. “That keeps me so grounded,” she told The Fader in an interview. “Even though I can tell my life has really changed, I don’t feel like it’s really changed. I feel like it’s just all the same stuff but it’s a lot more going on.”

She cites her father, an immigrant from Zimbabwe, as a major motivator in her I’ll-try-anything attitude.