Here's How You Actually Rig an Election

Here’s How You Actually Rig an Election

The 2016 election is indeed “rigged,” but not in the way GOP nominee Donald Trump is claiming. For starters, Trump is a beneficiary of the institutional barriers inherent in our political system that benefit the two major parties and exclude others. My Washington state ballot has seven presidential candidates on it and there is no exclusive section for any two parties. But the Democratic and Republican party have colluded to to keep candidates out of the premier events of the campaign season: the presidential debates. The GOP and Democratic party created the Commission on Presidential Debates in 1987 to regulate debates—and keep competition at bay. The debates legitimize candidates in the minds of many voters while maintaining an unrealistically high 15 percent average-in-polling threshold for candidates. Polls show that most voters wanted additional candidates to be in this year’s debates. Before the debate commission was established, independent civic groups like the…