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Here's What the Home of the World's Highest-Paid DJ Looks Like

When you rack in a little over $66 million in a year and are dating one of the world's biggest pop stars, chances are your house is going to be pretty fucking great.

Grammy-winner Calvin Harris, the world's top-paid DJ in 2015 and T-Swift's current beau, just put up his 4-bedroom Hollywood Hills home for sale for a little shy under $10 million. Coming in at 10,620 square-feet, the incredibly clean and modern bachelor pad is about as swanky as you'd expect. He also owns a small compound in Beverly Hills worth a casual $15 million. DJs are the new rock stars — it's official.

So what does the home of the world's top DJ look like? Hint: The home has its own spa and a state-of-the-art home theater space.

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