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Chucky’s Maker Explains Why the Doll Still Haunts Us Decades Later

The 1980s was an inventive and flourishing decade for the horror film genre. Michael Myers continued to terrify the streets Haddonfield in the Halloween series, Jason Vorhees butchered the unlucky visitors of Camp Crystal Lake, Freddy Krueger haunted the teenage dreams of Elm Street, and Pinhead brought us the pleasures and pain of Hell, but in 1988, we got a new pint-size brand of horror—the supernatural slasher, Child’s Play. That film brought us a new iconic horror figure who would join the pantheon of 1980s horror icons alongside Freddy and the gang. You know him as Chucky, the “Good Guy” doll who served as the vessel for deceased serial killer and voodoo cultist Charles Lee Ray, aka the “Lakeshore Strangler.” The foul-mouthed, two-foot-tall maniac has had seven films since his inception and the newest entry, Cult of Chucky, is out now, just in time for Halloween.

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