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The American Tragedy of the Supreme Court Hearings

There is only one word to describe the Brett Kavanaugh Senate Judiciary Committee hearings: tragic. The dream of the United States, a Democratic republic with a cornucopia of interests, people and religions who, despite our differences have a common goal of equal justice for all, has evaporated like the smoke curling up and out of a crack pipe and what we’re left with is just as toxic.

The face of the new despotic patriarchal resentment and mean-spirited misogyny may be Donald Trump, but in the Senate Judiciary Committee, it was plainly seen in the apoplectic, engorged and enraged face of a defiant Brett Kavanaugh—accused of sexual assault and determined to go down swinging or win his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court no matter the cost.

He doesn’t want the FBI to investigate claims of sexual assault against him because he demanded a hearing “right away.” He doesn’t want potential witnesses to testify because lawyers submitted signed statements. I can’t wait until someone uses those arguments against him should he make it onto the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, his explosive bombast played well for people like Donald Trump.

“This is why I nominated the guy,” Trump said defiantly after the hearing. Some thought Kavanaugh came across as an elitist, privileged jerk who was crying and screaming to get his way. Some thought he was guilty. Some thought he was innocent.

His temperament was not that of a stoic judge.

I watched his contrived theatrics and thought his temperament was not that of a stoic judge. No matter what else he’s done, he doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to be on the Supreme Court with that kind of childish behavior. He looked and sounded like my son when I caught him past curfew in a lie.

But Kavanaugh doesn’t care. His diatribe was geared to the audience of one—and to a lesser extent,  of course, he’s playing to a chorus of similarly privileged white men who seem to have his back. And as it turns out, it may not matter any more what the facts are. It only matters who has the power.

The GOP knows at least until November they have it. They’re fearful of a midterm Blue Wave will give the Democrats a majority in the House and perhaps the Senate—an event which may or may not occur, but they don’t want to take the chance. They like Brett Kavanaugh. They need Brett Kavanaugh to solidify a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court. For those two or three senators still on the fence, former president George W. Bush has been working behind the scenes to sway them. Bush is scuttling through the back alleys where most of the Republicans—who are afraid to be seen by the light of day for fear of melting—thrive and operate. The squalor and odor which attracts hypocrites like Lindsey Graham is perfect for the likes of Bush as he tries to keep the country safe for the white elites.

The Democrats, eager to stir their own wretched stench and raise an equally vile and rancorous muck to befoul the land, have been primping and preening for the cameras while making very astute points about vetting nominees for the highest office in the land.

How dare they?

The GOP wants you to get angry that the Democrats want to look into a man’s actions in high school.

Who didn’t act up in high school?

They want you to be angry Kavanaugh had to face these accusations at the last hour of an imaginary deadline only imposed by the GOP. They apologized for the horror Kavanaugh’s family is going through while barely acknowledging a woman was sexually assaulted.

The truth is it doesn’t matter when the accusations came to light. It doesn’t matter who made them public, and the GOP can be angry about it being in high school. But the issue isn’t about being a high school drunk. It is about sexual assault. The job Kavanaugh wants is a lifetime appointment to the highest judicial post in the land, and while Graham can scream this is “the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics,” it is hard to take his rants seriously unless he’s talking about the ramrod effort to get a mediocre talent on the bench at any cost before the midterm election—just because Kavanaugh will support the conservative agenda at any cost.

Forgetting that the GOP stymied Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court during former president Barack Obama’s administration, the petulantly angry Lindsey Graham taunted and scolded his Democratic comrades in the Senate and warned them if their insistence on vetting Kavanaugh didn’t stop, then any future Democrats nominated will face hell —you know, like Merrick Garland.

I’ve seen the future: It’s a beer-loving, aging frat boy clinging to power by bullying sexual assault victims while screaming at the top of his lungs about how innocent he is.

The nation, rivetted by the drama unfolding on the Hill, momentarily stopped watching the Trump Crazy Train to watch a fresh new reality show that in many ways defies description. Is it a circus? A bad sitcom? A lost episode of Let’s Make a Deal?

"What the hell will the future be like?” I heard reporters and pundits ask all throughout D.C. at the end of the nine hour mini-series on Thursday. Me? I’ve seen the future: It’s a beer-loving, aging frat boy clinging to power by bullying sexual assault victims while screaming at the top of his lungs about how innocent he is of being anything other than a beer-guzzling aging frat choir boy with a heart of gold. The lies about “boofing” being flatulence and “Devil’s Triangle” being a drinking game instead of referring to sexual acts? Well, that’s just priceless.

I will honestly say I could’ve gone my entire life without finding out Kavanaugh likes beer, or when Kavanaugh lost his virginity. And I never, even in an opioid haze spiked with LSD, ever thought I’d hear the terms “boofing” and “Devil’s Triangle” in a Senate hearing; that is, unless we were talking about wild hookers and nights of decadence at the Cadillac Ranch. But people like Kavanaugh, Graham and Trump who discuss this stuff are actually running the country. And they will do anything to hold on to the throne.

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Kavanaugh bemoaned his confirmation process as a “national disgrace,” not only providing a partisan rallying cry, but cementing his addition into the Hypocrites Hall of Fame in the new Trump wing. After all, Kavanaugh is also the guy who pressed to ask Bill Clinton sexually explicit questions about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Kavanaugh merely remains the GOP’s latest in a long line of lying, hypocritical frauds who only care about themselves.

In the other corner is a sexual assault victim. “I am terrified,” Dr. Christine Blasely Ford said as she stepped forward to tell a very compelling story about how judge Brett Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her at a gathering in suburban Maryland in the 1980s. She was scared to come forward, she explained, because she feared her single voice would be “drowned out by a chorus of supporters.” Her eloquent, heartfelt and at times terrifying account of being assaulted was punctuated by details hard to dismiss.

But back in the land of reality shows, the president has been eager to play partisan politics with this since the beginning, calling Kavanaugh’s accusers “evil people” and saying Kavanaugh faced “false accusations.” As Kavanaugh appeared close to a brain aneurism, preaching about his love of beer even as he said he didn’t drink much, the true immensity of this tragedy struck me.

Our entire government is being run by those who believe it is a game. It’s a winner-take-all fight for power with the people left in the wake. The Democrats stalled releasing the damaging evidence they had on Kavanaugh because they wanted to submarine his nomination. The GOP played games with Kavanaugh by data-dumping important information at the last minute, setting up arbitrary deadlines, refusing to use the FBI to investigate and forcing a vote on his nomination come hell or high water. Both sides are playing at governing. They’re a bunch of adrenaline junkies playing Risk—only it’s real. They’re petulant children run amok like a frat boy who discovered he really likes beer. The GOP doesn’t care about a sexual assault victim. They have little to no appreciation for the truly heroic effort it took for someone not in the limelight to force themselves into it, to discuss matters of vital importance to our government.

Dr. Ford is a patriot who put her love of country above her love of self—or even her own safety. She has nothing to gain and everything to lose while Kavanaugh has everything to gain by making Ford lose. In that, she has been victimized twice. Kavanaugh, in his screaming and moaning, said his confirmation process will keep good people of both parties from coming forward in the future to serve our country.

He’s right. But it isn’t because Dr. Ford stepped forward. It isn’t because of the accusations. It’s because lying, beer-loving frat boys run this government and continue to destroy anyone who challenges them. And they are in the process are destroying our country for their gains. No one else gets to pull the levers of power around here as long as the winner-takes-all mentality of the aging white male continues to dominate us. That’s the tragedy.

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