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The Shocking World of Electrosex

Poor Tesla. He probably had no idea when he passed electricity through his body to light a bulb that the concept would eventually be used for certain… nefarious purposes. (Or maybe he did, that manly minx.) January 7 marks 75 years since the inventor and engineer’s death, so to honor his legacy, we think it’s time to look at the steamier aspect of alternating current: electrosex. Also known as e-stim (electrostimulation), or stimming. Basically, it’s passing an electric current through your sensitive bits in order to induce pleasure or orgasm. It’s also the purveyor of the elusive HFO—the much desired hands-free orgasm. Fair warning now, there are a lot of wires and metal bits involved. But don’t be scared. It’s actually a lot easier than it looks.

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