What Does Michael Flynn Know?

The Donald Trump administration lurched forward the past week with all the smoothness of a square-wheeled sedan driven on the 105 by an anger addict whose foot is permanently glued to the accelerator pedal—sort of like the driver of the Winnebago in The Blues Brothers, but without the cowboy hat.

Still, the results were the same and Trump’s Winnebago crashed through the Senate and landed in the reflecting pool Friday morning while the Senate was doing its kindergarten-in-the-sandbox dance about taxes and the president was getting ready for his yearly Christmas party with the press.

The Mueller investigation struck again. (Cue the dramatic thunder followed by lightning, please.) This time, former National Security Adviser General Mike Flynn showed up to a D.C. court to plead guilty to one charge of lying to the FBI and to also let the world know he was cooperating with the Robert Mueller investigation.

Mueller has already charged and flipped George Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign adviser. The 30-year-old Trump advisor pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia and was reportedly last seen darting furtively around The District wearing a wire for Mueller.

Trump quickly dissed the turncoat. “Few people knew the young, low level volunteer named George, who was already proven to be a liar,” the president tweeted following the news of Popadopoulos pleading guilty. Trump also encouraged us to “Check the DEMS!” in another tweet.

Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign's former chairman and one of his business partners, Rick Gates, have also been charged. The two of them got hit with a 12-count indictment including conspiracy against the United States and money laundering. Reportedly, Manafort had been a key figure in Mueller’s investigation. He recently arranged an $11 million bail agreement with prosecutors that could clear him for release from house arrest—and potentially help free him from the country if he chooses to flee, some opponents claim. (Cue the spooky Scooby-Doo music, please.)

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