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When It's Too Cold to Sleep Naked

Sleepwear is the dessert course of the clothing world: it can be the perfect end to a romantic evening or leave an incredibly bad taste in your mouth. For a gentleman, there’s no worse feeling than trying to slip into something more comfortable after date night, only to find out your lover isn’t turned on by thermal wear endorsed by Tom Brady. So, what can a man do in order to ensure a comfortable night between the sheets? Though the options on what to wear to bed these days are limitless, investing in a pair of pajamas is the move every man must make this holiday season if they plan on moving beyond the mistletoe stage.

Pajamas are a unique clothing category specifically designed for lounging at home, such as this brushed cotton twill shirt from Desmond and Dempsey. Despite their conservative design, pajamas are actually one of the more controversial pieces of clothing in your drawer. For some men, pajamas are reminiscent of what their fathers wore, a styleless sign of bedroom suppression. “Don’t get dressed up to go to bed” quipped my cousin Peter Fleming, who lives by the less is more philosophy when preparing for a good night’s sleep. Perhaps the biggest critique about pajamas is that putting them on is an unwanted invitation to a sweating episode. However, Pajamas do have a dedicated fan base amongst men, and not just because they’re trying to capture the magic from one of Hugh Hefner’s favorite fashion staples.

Michael Puma, a New York resident, is an advocate of a comfy pair of pajamas. “I love style and elegance while still being functional,” explains Puma. “There's something so relaxing about spending my weekend mornings in a comfortable pair of PJs. They also come in handy when I have breakfast delivered in NYC, because who wants to answer their door in underwear,” jokes Puma, who opts for a lightweight wrinkle-free pajama set carried by Brooks Brothers. Part of the allure of a proper pajama set is making an occasion out of going to bed.

Lyle Railsback, also residing on the east coast, appreciates the tradition and formalities that go along with an occasional pajama night. “We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, might as well be dressed for it. Plus, you never know who might decide to sleep over,” advises Railsback, who counts Budd Shirtmakers of London as one of his favorite purveyors. 

Historically, there was the impression that skimpy outfits were the only thing attractive to women, but let’s face it, the banana hammock is out.
Pajamas also serve a purpose beyond just physically covering one’s body according to Kimmie Smith, a celebrity fashion stylist. “A man should invest in a pair of pajamas as it’s a portion of their wardrobe that will alert them to transitioning from activities outside of the home and those that are inside.” Like a superhero clocking out by hanging up their spandex suit in favor of street clothes, putting on pajamas signals a state of relaxation and intimacy. “It’s an element of surprise for their significant other and allows their personality to be showcased in a way that may not take place when they are in their normal day style,” Smith explains. If you’re going to wear pajamas with personality, skip the goofy cartoons and pop references. Instead, opt for a colorful pattern or stripe combination like this pajama top and pants from designer Paul Smith.

For those men who still think women won’t find pajamas remotely appealing, matchmaker and relationship expert Bonnie Winston’s clients are confirms otherwise with her survey of clients. “They find them very erotic and they love the silken feel on guys,” reveals Winston. “Additionally, women find the warmth and comfort of flannel is super cozy for snuggling,” the matchmaker adds. Winston’s clients aren’t an anomaly, as research from relationship resources like suggests pajamas might be sexier than you think.
“Historically, there was the impression that skimpy outfits were the only thing attractive to women, but let’s face it, the banana hammock is out,” explains Vice President and Relationship Expert Maria Sullivan. “We actually polled our user base about what they look for in sleepwear and less than 10 percent of users preferred a skimpy outfit on a man.” regularly polls its users using a variety of surveys, and their survey “Attire: Day, Night, and Beyond,” which was conducted amongst 5,000 members aged 18 through 30, revealed that 78 percent of men on their site admitted it’s been over five years since they upgraded their pajamas, while over 60 percent said they have actually never bought a pair of pajamas. Literally, just the simple act of owning a new pair of pajamas like the Lowell from Sleepy Jones is enough to convince most people you have your life together.

Above all else, perhaps the biggest reason to pick up several pairs of pajamas is the versatility they offer. For Owen Meyer and his girlfriend Susannah Collins, a host with Major League Soccer, pajamas are being used to display a playful Chicago sports rivalry and set the tone for their family’s Christmas gathering. For others like Lyle Railsback, pajamas are a reminder of his grandfathers’ sense of style, the act of dressing up for bed one of life’s simple joys he gets to share with his loved one. Even at its most basic level, it’s still the most stylish way to protect the birthday suit. No matter what the reason, picking up a proper pair of pajamas this holiday season is a must for any gentleman in search of style.

Though your pajama game may not reach Hef status, you can at least take comfort in knowing your sleep attire is sure to bring sweet dreams from the lucky lady in your life. And if you’re single, at least you know you are so much better off than the guys rocking onesies this holiday season.

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