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Playboy Interview: Sean Hannity
  • June 19, 2013 : 07:06
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PLAYBOY: Fox News overall hit a 12-year ratings low in January and recently had a record low in a poll on viewer trust. The perception among many is that Fox News is out of it. Is there anything you’re doing to change that perception?

HANNITY: No. You know, I’ve been in this business a long time, and I’m not one who obsesses over ratings, but I will tell you this. There is a natural ebb and flow due to election years and major events such as Hurricane Katrina or Sandy or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Any issue of that sort will drive ratings up and down. I will tell you that after the election, a lot of people who didn’t want Barack Obama to get a second term threw up their hands in disgust, including myself. I can go back and show you all the years that I’ve been through presidential elections on radio. You see the spike, you see the decline, you see the spike—it’s part of the news cycle. It’s the story of my life.

PLAYBOY: Were you always a conservative?

HANNITY: Kind of, yeah. I don’t know what it was, but as soon as Reagan became president, I was hooked. I listened to talk radio as a kid and was just obsessed with it. Every kid is told “Stop doing this; stop doing that,” but late at night I’d stay up to listen to Barry Farber, Bob Grant and later Gene Burns and David Brudnoy. I’d pick up WBZ and all these other 50,000-watt stations. And you know, it just immersed me in politics. Barry Farber said something like “Look at your globe, and I’m going to tell you about Communist expansionism in Hungary and Bulgaria and Yugoslavia and Poland,” and literally I’d just stand there with the globe, learning about the world.

PLAYBOY: Were you a studious kid?

HANNITY: Frankly, I was a big troublemaker. I don’t know how far I want to go with my honesty here, but I was taken home by the cops in the first grade for hanging on the back of cars in the wintertime. We called it “skitching.” I’d get in trouble for sneaking out of the house late at night to have snowball fights. And I started smoking at a young age. I remember pitching baseball games and smoking a cigarette between innings.

PLAYBOY: Didn’t Catholic school keep you in line?

HANNITY: Nobody could really discipline me. I remember one day at Sacred Heart Seminary in Hempstead, Long Island, the boys hadn’t been good and one of the fifth-grade teachers was pulling their ears and slapping them on the head. She gets to me and I’m like, “You’re not pulling my ear, and you’re not slapping me either.” I stood up for myself pretty early. My father, on the other hand, if he got mad, you knew it. The belt would come flying off. I got my fair share.

PLAYBOY: What did your father teach you about life?

HANNITY: My dad was probably the most decent person I’ve ever known. Very moral guy, deep religious faith. Had the roughest upbringing and background, grew up very poor, Bed-Stuy. He delivered papers to contribute to his family. His mom died in childbirth when he was born, and his father, who was a machinist, didn’t have the ability to take care of him and the rest of the kids. He was shuffled around from family member to family member. But he grew up, signed up for World War II, fought his four years in the Pacific in the Navy and came back. He worked as a waiter on weekend nights and would get home at five in the morning, and we’d go to 12 o’clock mass every week. It was embarrassing because he’d fall asleep! But he never complained about a thing. Never wanted anything. It was a big deal for him to get a Levitt-style house on a 50-by-100-foot lot on Long Island—you know, four kids, one bathroom. I had three older sisters. It was rough. My parents sacrificed to put us through Catholic school. That’s how I grew up.

PLAYBOY: Was it a better time in America back then?

HANNITY: The honest answer is yes. You know, I delivered papers from the time I was eight years old. I was scrubbing pots and pans in a restaurant every Friday, Saturday and Sunday when I was 12. Then I became a cook at 13. I was a busboy, a bartender, a waiter. I did that for many, many years of my life. Made a lot of money.

PLAYBOY: What did money mean to you?

HANNITY: It meant if I wanted a baseball mitt, I could go out and sell newspaper subscriptions as an eight-year-old and get the glove, plus tickets to the Mets game. I always had a wad of cash. My best friend from childhood is John Gomez; we still joke about it. His father made the best barbecue chicken in the world, and I would say, “Here’s money. I want to buy some of your father’s chicken.” And we’d make those deals all the time.

PLAYBOY: Back then, did you ever imagine yourself signing a contract for $100 million, as you did in 2008 for your afternoon radio talk show?

HANNITY: Never in a million years. When I left NYU after a year, I don’t think I’d ever seen a look of greater disappointment in my parents’ eyes. They offered to help me financially, but I knew they didn’t have the money. I didn’t want them going into debt and spending their retirement money on me. I decided I was just going to go out on my own at that point, and I did. I started my adventures in the world.

PLAYBOY: You sowed your wild oats? Details, please.

HANNITY: Based on the Playboy definition, it’s probably the G-rated version. I used to go to all the clubs when I was young and 17 in New York. Then I worked in a couple of places as a bartender. I wasn’t Tom Cruise in Cocktail or anything, but I was pretty fast, and we made great daiquiris and piña coladas. I went through a period when I did okay in terms of dating. I was a skinny little kid, though. That was about it.

PLAYBOY: What’s one Sean Hannity fact that would shock a liberal?

HANNITY: Tough one. Let’s see. Let me think. Okay, I like disco, believe it or not.

PLAYBOY: Really?

HANNITY: When I was a bartender we played it all the time, and I still like it. I used to love Donna Summer. She’s great. I met her before she died. It was a thrill for me. Her story was so fascinating because she began singing in church. She used to look out at the congregation and they’d all be crying. I love passionate people.

PLAYBOY: Any other surprises? Are you a closet Grateful Dead fan?

HANNITY: I like the Grateful Dead. [sings] “Sugar magnolia, blossoms blooming.” Want me to keep going?

PLAYBOY: That’s okay. Have you smoked marijuana?

HANNITY: I'm not answering any questions about that. Period. Nice try.

PLAYBOY: Let’s talk about the issue itself then.

HANNITY: I don’t think there should be jail terms. I believe in decriminalization. I do have a problem…how do I say this? Thomas Paine, in 1776’s Common Sense, said something to the effect that if the impulses of conscience were uniform and irresistibly obeyed, there would be no need for any other lawmaker. That not being the case, Paine goes on to describe the need for the formation of government predicated on the idea that government is going to protect you from people who would otherwise want to take your stuff and treat you unfairly. I prefer that people make good decisions. I like to drink beer on a hot summer day, but I don’t overindulge. I like a good glass of wine when I go out to dinner with my friends. If I have more than two drinks I take a cab or have somebody else drive home. My biggest fear about opening the door to legalization is that I’ve always believed, in spite of some disagreement, that marijuana is a gateway drug. According to everything I read, marijuana is more potent than it has ever been, and I believe that for a lot of people there is at least a minimal psychological, addictive component.

PLAYBOY: How do you sleep at night?

HANNITY: Very funny.

PLAYBOY: Seriously. How do you sleep at night?

HANNITY: I don’t sleep a lot, but I sleep like a baby.

PLAYBOY: Are you an Ambien guy?

HANNITY: No, no. I just stay up until I literally pass out cold.

PLAYBOY: Do you ever find yourself worrying in the middle of the night?

HANNITY: No, I’m not a worrier. I have faith. The way I look at it, I’m not in control of every aspect of my life. I believe God exists. I believe God is real, and I really just put my faith in him. When you look at the majesty of creation, it’s so deep and so profound, from the smallest of things to the concept of universes. It’s beyond human imagination. I have deep faith.

PLAYBOY: Given the molestation scandals, do you still have faith in the church itself? Can the church survive in the modern age without making major institutional changes? Women cannot be priests, and priests cannot marry.

HANNITY: The church will survive, regardless. You don’t have to be a Catholic if you don’t agree with their point of view. Personally, the greatest disappointment is the cover-up of the sexual abuse cases at the highest levels. It’s inexcusable to me, and I had a very hard time dealing with it. That said, these are human beings, and human beings are flawed. There’s good and evil in the world, and that’s just indisputable. I would hope they deal with it head-on, address it and make amends to the extent that they can.

PLAYBOY: What would you like to see from the new pope?

HANNITY: I don’t know. I think priests should be allowed to marry, because the apostles were married, all but one, if my theology is correct. And priests were allowed to marry, I think, for the first 1,200 years of the church.

PLAYBOY: How do you separate your views as a Catholic from your opinions about, say, abortion?

HANNITY: I’m against abortion. I make exceptions for rape, incest, the mother’s life. You know, as far as opinions versus fairness, it’s all me. For better or worse, I’m pretty opinionated. Our society has this idea that you shouldn’t feel guilty about anything, and maybe Playboy perpetuates this. I think the conscience is the human ability to discern and decipher right from wrong. Guilt is your own inner voice telling you when you’re doing something right or doing something wrong. But in my personal life, the more I listen to that silent voice of conscience, the happier I usually am, because that voice is telling me, exhorting me internally, to do the right thing.

PLAYBOY: What does your inner voice say about gay marriage?

HANNITY: Over the years I have evolved into more of a libertarian when it comes to people’s personal lives. I really don’t care what people do privately. That doesn’t mean I think society needs to change its definition of marriage. I don’t. I’m okay with the way things are. But I don’t think most Americans are tolerant and accepting. I think most people don’t care.

PLAYBOY: Do you have any gay friends?

HANNITY: Do I know people who are gay that I’m friendly with? Yes. Absolutely.

PLAYBOY: Can you imagine voting for a gay, lesbian or transgender president?

HANNITY: I don’t want to know anything about anybody’s sex life when I’m voting for them. I want to know they can balance the budget, that they’re going to stay out of my life and ensure more freedom. Do they understand good versus evil? Do they understand that we’ve got to have a strong national defense? That’s all I’m looking for. I don’t really give a flying rip what people do privately. It’s none of my business. Maybe it’s the traditional way I was brought up. If somebody breaks into my house, it’s my job to go downstairs and take care of it. You can call me Bamm-Bamm or Barney Rubble if you want, but that’s who I am.

PLAYBOY: Is the country as divided as it appears in Hannity’s America?

HANNITY: America is definitely polarized. In politics I think we have two very distinct competing visions for the country right now. One of the great dangers of the democracy we have is that the media are biased; the other danger is apathy. There are too many people who care too much about Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians or whomever. I’ve met Kim, and she’s nice, but honestly there’s too much of a celebrity culture. I wish people cared more about the budget being balanced, about national defense, security, rise of radical Islamists, immigration—things that I think are really going to matter and impact everybody’s lives.

PLAYBOY: Let’s talk about some of those. Your critics called you a water carrier for the GOP last year when you embraced a “pathway to citizenship” after Republicans failed to win over Latino voters.

HANNITY: It’s a position that’s been evolving since I made my trips to the border. I’ve traveled to Mexico, from San Diego to the Rio Grande and everywhere in between, and I’ve been out with Border Patrol agents on helicopter, horseback, all-terrain vehicles and boats. I’ve watched gang members being arrested. I’ve seen tunnels dug from Mexico into San Diego up through an office building, sophisticated efforts at human trafficking. I’ve been to the warehouses where they confiscated drugs aimed at American kids. I see the financial impact on our educational system, our health care system, our criminal justice system in border states and the burdens they have to bear as a result of illegal immigration not being solved. We’ve got to fix it. I think you control the border first and then create a pathway for the people who are here. Do background checks, send those with criminal records home, have people pay whatever penalties and taxes are necessary. But yeah, we need a better solution.

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  • theabby
    On April 4, 2011,Sean Hannity devoted an episode of his Fox News show to an hour-long special on what he claimed was the media's "liberal bias." However, several of the quotes he used as examples of this purported bias were deceptively cropped to leave out crucial context.
  • Dennis Harrell
    Dennis Harrell
  • StewartIII
    A couple of demo wins by Maddow don't mean squat. Hannity crushes Maddow, and FOX News destroys MSNBC. What planet does playboy live on?:TV Ratings: MSNBC Falls Below HLN in May, Rachel Maddow Hits Lowshttp://www.hollywoodreporter.c...
  • SocraticGadfly
    I call hypocrisy alert. Hannity talks about "oversexed" kids in a .... Playboy interview???
  • Kurt
    Exactly what I expected: deflection, no proof, and insults. LBJ voted against anti-lynching legislation, gutted civil-rights reform in Congress, and denounced Republican-backed civil-rights action as “the n****r bill.” I don't need to read a 4-volume biography to know that. Way to go!
  • StewartIII
    To be fair to Hannity, I can't judge him based on a 3 second clip of him. Maybe he was talk about political reverse psychology, what do I know. The Obama administration does have a well-known history of intimidating insurance companies. But from what I've heard and seen MSNBC is the one with the well-known "shtick" of unfairly editing videos to make conservatives/republicans look bad. If FOX News is bad then MSNBC must be Satan himself. From Maddow to Roberts to Bashir to Mitchell to Scarborough. From top to bottom MSNBC has editing problems, they have an editing controversy once a month, if not more. You may believe what's posted on YouTube by strangers and people with radical agendas but I prefer sites that have credibility and accountability: Mediaite, NewsBusters, Johnny Dollar's Place, TV Newser, etc.. You can go on hating Hannity as much as you want, but for me life is too short to be wasting time watching programs/people I don't like or trust. You may be right about Hannity, but there's a solution for that: Don't watch him, and don't give him any of your time or attention. Simple. And by the way, I'm a libertarian, not a conservative:MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Gleefully Admits To Using Edited Video To Smear GOP Forced To Apologize After Misleading Edit Of Biden Benghazi Speech And Panel Go Off On MSNBC For Edited Heckling Video: NBC Is An ‘Extension Of The White House’ Sloppily Edits Lawmaker To Attack GOP’s ‘Systematic’ ‘Demonization’ Of The Poor
  • StewartIII
    When has Hannity ever lied about Obama, I would love to see your proof that he has? And this country was divided long before Hannity came along. If Hannity is helping divide this country, then so is Maddow and her last employer Air America (out of business) and current employer MSNBC. And Hannity is not a journalist, and neither is Maddow. Just because someone has a news show that doesn't make them a journalist. They're just conservative and liberal news analysis hosts/commentators:Pew: MSNBC Most Opinionated Cable News Channel makes fools of her viewers, part 2!
  • Mickey Warhol
    Mickey Warhol
    On a surreptitious plane one day, there was an apple. It interviewed Sean H in the guys of an obesely strung playboy bunny and then blew a hole in teh fusilage and then his butt wrench snaped off as well into the sea air
  • aquaviva
    It's so Interesting that the obsession with race, gender, sexual preference, and the politicization of everything in life is all from the Left - in this case the Playboy interviewer. Lefties really misunderstand conservatives and conservatism. It's far more Libertarian than they realize.
  • Spencer Jacobson
    Spencer Jacobson
    ha ha they do? It sounded like each was having a good time during the interview with each other. I guess you think everyone that disagrees with you is "hostile" that's kinda sad.
  • Reality is Hard
    Reality is Hard
    So that means Rihanna and Katy Perry are the greatest singers ever? I mean, they top the charts week after week, month after month.
  • Dennis Harrell
    Dennis Harrell
    My favorite Hannity lie can be found on youtube under "moron sean hannity..." Obama was talking about the ethical lapses of insuance companies, saying, "Now, insurance company executives dont do this because theyre bad people, they do it because its profitable." Hannity then came on and.said Obama just called insurance company executives bad people. A simple youtube search turns up many clips of Hannity lying,without even including the standard Fox lies about Fast and Furious, the Benghazi "coverup", the IRS "enemies list", and.any other Fox lie.du jour. For all the genuinely knowledgeable people out there, can you imagine that our country could have ever gotten this polarized and divided without a propaganda news network feeding a steady stream of lies to everybody (everybody who considers himself a conservative watches Fox, and believes it) in one political party?
  • Ckmeagher
    Troubling to read SH spewing lots of misinformation... still, I get the appeal. He makes it sound so simple, doesn't he?
  • Ostrich Wrangler
    Ostrich Wrangler
    MSM? That means the most popular stuff right? So we shouldn't trust Hannity or Rush or Fox News? Apologies if these gotcha questions hurt the pea in your skull. You may return your head to the sandpit.
  • Dennis Harrell
    Dennis Harrell
    Facts CAN be established. Its not like we have to give equal credence to every lie coming from the propaganda right. When Hannity tells a lie, we know it. A simple youtube search of "Sean Hannity lying" turns up lots of lies. The very premise that all the major news networks in the world are lying, taking orders from the White House, and that only Fox is telling the truth is laughable and downright insane. Fast and Furious, the Benghazi "coverup", and the IRS "hitlist" are all proven lies propagated by Fox "news".
  • cinesimon
    With old people. On cable.
  • theabby
    HANNITY: Everybody in her life told her not to marry me. Even the minister who married us pulled her aside and said, “Don’t marry this guy.”She should have listened to them!
  • StewartIII
    So let me get this straight. Your proof that Hannity is a liar is a video posted by an Obama supporter (strike 1), of FOX News-hater ex-MSNBC's Keith Olbermann (strike 2), showing an edited video of Hannity (strike 3)? Well, there you go. Sorry, but 3 strikes and you're out.
  • Guest
    It's a completely legitimate question to ask a die hard, extreme, right wing, nut job.
  • Konrad Hütter
    Konrad Hütter
    There are a lot of spunky groin politics in this guys pancreatic notch
  • theabby
    Never confuse high ratings with quality programming. Three's Company was on top of the charts for months, week after week, month after month.
  • averii
    "the obsession with race, gender, sexual preference, and the politicization of everything in life is all from the Left" says the party of Caucasian men.
  • Minky Lesaqar
    Minky Lesaqar
    This guys as recumbent as a philly cheese steak on red hash. He shot at it and never came back from the quail boomer
  • Kurt
    Sweet Youtube defense. What's really cool is that facts are facts, no matter what you believe. So saying that F&F and Benghazi do not exist does not make it so. Sorry.
  • Kurt
    How is that hypocritical?
  • Kurt
    So where is your challenge? Again, nothing but farts in the wind from you people.
  • Ibinaround2
    BASIC cable at that. They are on the cheapest tier, along with the other entertainment shows...
  • ChicagoPatriot
    Sean Hannity has black guests on not but because they are black, he has them on because they are conservatives.Injecting race in to it on the part of the interviewer is racism.
  • Kurt
    I don't think ironic means what you think it means.
  • Rita Smith Whitaker
    Rita Smith Whitaker
    It didn't surprise me when Hannity's answer to who he liked in Hollywood was, The passion Of Christ and a few other movies of Mel Gibson. That says it all.
  • ComradeAnon
    Did Hannity pay to get this published? How is this any different than the other a$$ wipe he puts out every day. NOTHING he said was factual in any way, shape, or form. Here is one of many articles on the compete BS contained in this article:
  • Dennis Harrell
    Dennis Harrell
  • Jerry Pecks
    Jerry Pecks
    Nice job, Playboy! You showed Hannity for the off-balanced, divisive, nitwit that he is! Congrats on a job well done!
  • provasek
    Obama never lived in Kenya --- he lived in Indonesia for a few years when his mother was teaching English and microfinancing to poor village women as part of a Peace Corps project, and young Obama NEVER attended a Muslim school, but rather Santo Fransiskus Asisi (St. Francis of Assisi) Catholic School. The deliberate LIES that Fox News and talk radio spread to crank up anger among older, less educated whites does guarantee them a loyal audience but at the cost of creating a huge group of heavily armed people who sincerely believe in this fictional America of the White House illegally occupied by a foreign Muslium terrorist, with an intense hatred of white people, who is building concentration camps for white people...and Republicans in office openly talk about secession (a new Civil War) or that if Democrats keep winning elections, "patriots" may have to consider "2nd Amendment remedies" A very dangerous political strategy
  • Guest
    Hannity states, "Do I like to debate liberal guests on my show?"If by debate, he means shouting his unfounded, misinformed opinions over his guests when he doesn't agree with them, well then, yes he likes to "debate...."
  • Kurt
    Interesting how you just say that with nothing to back up your claim...wait, actually, it's not so interesting. Typical, yes.
  • Blubber Puss 88
    Blubber Puss 88
    All I can see is whale gullet slipper boys, for miles and miles!!!
  • theabby
    Hannity states, "Do I like to debate liberal guests on my show?"If by debate, he means shouting his unfounded, misinformed opinions over his guests when he doesn't agree with them, well then, yes he likes to "debate...."
  • Richard Horgan
    Richard Horgan
    Although many other Playboy trails lead to Pauly Shore, I was definitely not expecting him to turn up here as a "huge" Hannity fan. Great interview.
  • Kurt
    "I'll have those n*****s voting Democratic for 200 years." - LBJ, bastion of civil rights, Democrat
  • Dennis Harrell
    Dennis Harrell
    So sick and perverted, thinking that telling lies about our president is patriotic or ethical. You want to know why our country is so divided? Whackjobs like Sean Hannity are the biggest reason. Thanks to Playboy printing this interview, but can you please do an interview with a real journalist, someone with integrity, like Rachel Maddow?
  • theabby
    Hannity is a liar of epic proportions. Top ten Hannity lies: (drumroll)10.Hyped RNC’s Doctored Audio of Supreme Court Arguments. Hannity uncritically aired a Republican National Committee (RNC) ad that used audio from Supreme Court oral arguments to attack health care reform — but the audio used in the ad was dishonestly edited. [Media Matters, 3/30/12]9.Distorted CBO Data to Attack Obama. Hannity claimed that a January 2012 Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report showed that if Obama were to win a second term, taxes would “go up 30 percent.” In fact, the report only stated that taxes would increase at such a rate if all the Bush tax cuts were allowed to expire. [Media Matters, 2/2/12]8. Falsely Claimed a White House Adviser “Advocated Compulsory Abortion.” Hannity claimed that White House science and technology adviser John Holdren “advocated compulsory abortion” and sterilization. PolitiFact had previously rated a similar claim — made months earlier by Fox News’ Glenn Beck — “pants on fire” false. [Media Matters, 9/9/09]7. Falsely Claimed Obama Called the Death of Four Americans “Just a Bump in the Road.” Hannity claimed that Obama referred to the death of four Americans in the September 2012 attack on a U.S. compound in Benghazi as “just a bump in the road.” In fact, Obama was referring to the difficulties Arab countries were facing in transitioning from autocratic rule to democracy. [Media Matters, 9/25/12]6. Spread False Report That Egypt Was Considering Necrophilia Bill. Hannity hyped a thinly sourced report from an Egyptian newspaper to claim that the Egyptian government was considering a law that would allow a husband to have sex with his dead wife. The Christian Science Monitor called the story “utter hooey,” and multiple sources later debunked the claim. [Media Matters, 4/30/12; Huffington Post, 4/26/12]5. Hannity’s Special on “Liberal Bias” Featured Wildly Distorted and Out-of-Context Quotes. Hannity’s “Behind the Bias” special, in which he purported to investigate the “bias” of “the mainstream media,” featured multiple deceptively cropped quotes. For example, he played a clip purporting to show that Katie Couric called President Ronald Reagan “an airhead”; in fact, Couric was citing a conclusion from a biography of Reagan. [Media Matters, 4/24/11]4.Cast Doubt on Scientific Consensus About Climate Change. Even though the overwhelming majority of scientists agree that global warming is occurring and is likely caused or exacerbated by human activity, Hannity has repeatedly denied or cast doubt on the existence of climate change. [Media Matters, 12/4/09, 1/13/10, 8/27/10, 11/19/10, 6/24/11]3.Fueled Myth That Obama Is a Muslim. During a segment in March 2011 in which he fueled the smear that Obama was not born in the U.S., Hannity claimed that Obama “went to a Muslim school.” In March 2012, while claiming that he was “not doubting [Obama's] faith,” Hannity said, “[L]ook, he did write about his early years, that he did study the Quran, that one of the most beautiful moments in life was prayer at sunset. So, I mean, he does have that background.” [Media Matters, 3/24/11, 3/21/12]2. Fed the Birther Movement. Hannity repeatedly fed the long-standing smear that Obama was not born in the United States, even after Obama released his birth certificate and multiple fact-checkers debunked the smear. Hannity denied that Obama had shown his birth certificate and once falsely claimed that Obama “grew up in Kenya.” [Media Matters, 3/28/11, 4/20/12]1.Ignored Overwhelming Evidence to Repeatedly Claim Obama’s Policies Have Not Helped Improve the Economy. Hannity has repeatedly claimed that President Obama’s policies have not improved the economy. In fact, numerous economists and independent analysts have noted that many of Obama’s policy achievements, such as the stimulus, have benefited the economy: GDP is growing rather than contracting as it was at the end of 2008, and the economy has added millions of jobs. [Media Matters, 1/13/10, 7/14/11, 2/2/12]
  • Don't trust the MSM
    Don't trust the MSM
    The questions seem pretty hostile. Bet they wouldn't be to Chris Matthews...
  • Geppetto
    A man incapable of speaking without lying. Even Pinocchio would bow his head in shame at the level of duplicitous hypocrisy.
  • Dennis Harrell
    Dennis Harrell
    Fox has the lock on conservatives. Everyone who considers himself conservative watches Fox. Liberals and middle grounders are spread out among all the other news networks. Of COURSE Fox has the highest ratings. They are also the most lying dishonest network in cable news.
  • dude
    The "perception among many is that Fox News is out of it"? What "perception"? The reporter's? They lead in the ratings week after week, month after month.
  • Right is Wrong
    Right is Wrong
    I suggest you read Robert Caro's LBJ biography A Path To Power as it is obvious you know nothing about the man you're quoting. But then that is par for the course for miseducated fools that consider Hannity an intellectual. You know nothing Kurt Snow.
  • StewartIII
    MSNBC as a whole has a history of doing that, still to this day. So Hannity isn't the only one guilty of that, if he's guilty at all. And Hannity is a well-known conservative commentator, not a journalist, so his biases are already out in the open:MSNBC Sloppily Edits Lawmaker To Attack GOP’s ‘Systematic’ ‘Demonization’ Of The Poor
  • Waaaaaahhhhmbulance Driver
    Waaaaaahhhhmbulance Driver
    Actual facts back him up, something rarely found on Faux News. Typical dismissal of anything that would challenge your bubble world.
  • Me
    I have a response to the interview with Sean Hannity who is the center of the idiot spotlight, who thinks global warming is a hoax. When his house is underwater, maybe he'll start to wake up. Until then, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…
  • Marc Scheel
    Marc Scheel
    I was disappointed that the only letters Playboy printed regarding the interview of Sean Hannity were negative. I have taken the magazine for over 40 years and I support the content of the interview. Not all of the readers are liberals. As a conservative, I thought Sean stated his case and answered well, even if others disagree. As Neil Boortz calls him, Sean "Baby Jesus", is a great guy and speak for we conservatives. He also listens to the other side, sometimes too much for me, but that is fair. Kudos to Sean and continued success.
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