A Report from San Diego Comic-Con, This Week's Second-Most Surreal Convention

A Report from San Diego Comic-Con, This Week’s Second-Most Surreal Convention

With the Republican National Convention taking place the same week, for the very first time, San Diego’s annual Comic-Con may not have been the most surreal event in America over the past few days. Luckily, the spectacle here at Comic-Con is a lot more benign, while still offering plenty of unforgettable sights and sounds. This annual 10-ring circus of branding, entertainment news, open bars and comic books finds some 135,000 cartoonists, movie stars and cosplayers—and uncounted thousands more looky-loos—descending on San Diego’s balmy bayside streets to parade, cavort and talk about Harley Quinn. Quinn is the inescapable queen of this year’s show, as a costume on the floor, on monstrous swag bags being lugged by tired attendees and in posters announcing the arrival of the Suicide Squad movie on August 5. While Harley has been one of the most popular characters in comics for several years, anticipation over the movie (and Margot Robbie’s winsomely insane portrayal) has…