James Bond Origin: A Train to Catch

James Bond Origin: A Train to Catch

It's the British operative as you've never seen him in this exclusive-to-Playboy pre-007 adventure

Jeff Parker/Bob Q/Jordie Bellaire/Simon Bowland/Nate Cosby

James Bond has enlivened PLAYBOY's pages for nearly 60 years, beginning with the March 1960 publication of The Hildebrand Rarity, Ian Fleming's short story about the dashing 007's adventures. Before his fiction appeared in the magazine, Fleming dropped by the Playboy Building in Chicago, where he displayed a curiosity about real-life local villains, asking the editors, "I don't suppose you could introduce me to any of the Mafia chaps?" Fleming's famous hero, of course, is a secret agent of the British government. But how did Bond become the daring operative we know and love? For one chapter of his pre-007 backstory, we turn to this exclusive installment of James Bond Origin from the creative team at Dynamite Comics. 

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