Scaramucci After the Storm

He lasted only 11 days in the White House. Now, Anthony Scaramucci tells his side of the story


Scaramucci After the Storm: Trump's Former Spokesman Opens Up to Playboy About Loyalty, Collusion and Cocaine

In a presidential administration known for its volatility and a president who openly embraces conflict, no one has streaked across the political sky and burned brighter (and quicker) than Anthony Scaramucci. The former hedge fund investor was a sensation for years on Wall Street, passing through Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers before launching SkyBridge Capital, which led him to becoming a member of Donald Trump’s inner circle. That ultimately turned into his polarizing, shooting-star turn as the president’s White House communications director, which brought him into the national conscience with all the subtly of a sledgehammer on a windowpane.

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