With 'The Legend of Tarzan,' the Lord of the Apes Crashes Into the 21st Century

With ‘The Legend of Tarzan,’ the Lord of the Apes Crashes Into the 21st Century

You want to hear a rip-roaring Tarzan yell? Check out the ‘30s and ‘40s MGM ape-man movie franchise starring Olympic swimming superstar Johnny Weissmuller. You want to the thrill and spectacle of Tarzan going fang-and-claw against lions and tigers and crocodiles? Try the old TV series starring Ron Ely as the vine-swinging, jungle-raised hero. You want nude swims featuring a beautiful young Jane? You want fun, period? Then move along. Nothing to see here.  The Legend of Tarzan is what happens when a reported $180 million gets spent trying to modernize, CGI-ize and PC-ize (and in certain theaters, 3D and IMAX-ize) the much imitated Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure book series first published in 1914. Of course, racial, sexual, gender and geopolitical politics and even animal rights have changed drastically since even the ‘60s TV series, the could-have-been-definitive 1984 Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes featuring Christopher Lambert and the more recent 1999…