The Want List: 5 Things We're Coveting This Week

The Want List: 5 Things We’re Coveting This Week

To quote Madonna (something I’m not particularly fond of), “We are living in a material world.” To help you figure out which of the millions of material goods swirling around us is worth spending your hard-earned cash on, we have put together The Want List, consisting of the items we really love this week. GLENFIDDICH INDIA PALE ALE CASK FINISH $69.99, The trend of aging beer in whiskey barrels has been going on for some time, but now it is coming full circle. For the first edition of its new Experimental Series, Glenfiddich aged scotch in oak casks that had previously held IPAs from a local craft brewer in Scotland. The result is the first IPA-finished single malt scotch, which features distinct notes of citrus and hops from the beer that was used to flavor the casks. AIR JORDAN 1 SHATTERED BACKBOARD $160, Shaq isn’t the only NBA player who shatters backboards. Following his rookie season in 1984-85, Michael Jordan traveled to Italy for an…