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Finding the Truth Behind Growers and Showers

When it comes to penises in their flaccid state, there are two varieties: growers and showers. Growers are penises that, when flaccid, aren’t generally impressive to look at. Showers, on the other hand, represent the boastful peacocks of the penis world. Their members are more visually impressive when soft and more accurately reflect the penis in its erect state.

For obvious reasons, the majority of us wish to belong to the latter camp, but according to Dr. Paul Turek, urologist and board-certified physician, the opposite is true. “Most men fall within what is considered the ‘normal’ penis size range, with a mean flaccid length of 3.5 inches and a mean erect length of five inches,” Turek tells Playboy. “Men with shorter flaccid penises typically grow in size more dramatically than men with larger flaccid penises.” He jokes, “Nature has its way of bringing a little equality to penises of all kinds.”

While Turek discloses there is no precise breakpoint to define how much more a grower expands from a shower, he admits the average increase from flaccid to erect is about 45 percent, wherein growers grow a little more and showers grow a little less. According to a Men’s Health survey, 79 percent of men are growers while 21 percent are showers.

Regardless, assessing penis size on its flaccid state is purposeless. According to experts, flaccid length in no way correlates to how big a penis becomes when erect. What does, you may be surprised to find, is its elasticity. In other words: how far the penis can be stretched. To find out for yourself, grab ahold of your penis from the tip and pull it out as far as it can go without hurting yourself. The propensity of the penis to grow is directly proportional to how far you can pull it away from the body. Now you know.

So if flaccid length is a nugatory measurement, why do growers and showers exist in the first place? Turek admits very little is known as to why this is the case, but he estimates that there are genetic determinants to penis size and shape, which are modified and shaped by hormonal responsiveness during early childhood (from infancy to about five-years-old) and after puberty when penile growth spurts occur. “What is clear is that the human penis is both longer and thicker than that of any other primate relative to body size.” This means as a species we are relatively well-endowed, so pat yourselves on the back.

Growers represent the majority, so there’s no sense in feeling shame.

“What makes a penis more elastic is the amount of collagen and elastin in their tissues, and sometimes this can be genetic,” Michael Ingber, certified urologist, explains. “There are differences in penile length based on race and ethnicity as well.” Of course, a penis’s length, girth and elasticity can change with age, hormones and medical factors.

Despite being the majority, are growers’ sex lives impacted in any way? As a member of the lion’s share myself, I can admit that in a locker room-type setting, I can feel a little insecure—even emasculated—if I’m changing next to a man swinging a kielbasa-sized schlong a meter away. But when it comes to sex, this is less of an issue. By the time my pants come off, I’m hard as a rock. So it doesn’t matter. And it shouldn’t.

Male porn performer, Small Hands, is a proud and admitted grower who proves one can indeed have a lucrative career in the adult industry—where penis size is king—if you don’t have a big one when flaccid. “Have you ever fucked someone with a soft dick?” he asks. “The point is, you need an erection to have sex. The sex you're having once erect, that size of your dick is what your partner will be talking about later, not how small your flaccid penis was when you sent back the lobster at dinner earlier in the evening. As long as it’s a good size when it counts, that all that matters!”

On the other hand, a large penis signifies to women that a man is virile and ready to reproduce. So that’s a pretty big benefit. But again, a grower, when erect, can become that same size. Besides, growers’ members host an added benefit: penis’s ability to grow offers protection. For example, when you enter cold water, your package shrinks into the body to protect itself.

Being a shower may be the preferable option for dick-print bragging rights, and in that sense, these guys have won the genetic lottery. But growers represent the majority, so there’s no sense in feeling shame. We’re in this together. Be proud of your elastic package. Represent.

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